The Terminator: 1kg of Beef at Roadhouse (Dempsey)

We heard about the Roadhouse (Dempsey) challenge, where they serve a 1kg wagyu beef burger called The Terminator. The original challenge may have been if you could finish it within a stated time, you get it free. but there must have been a number of successful challenges coz they’ve changed it. if you decide to just eat it at a leisurely pace, you pay $65 for the burger. however if you finished it under 20 mins, you only pay $45 and go up on the wall of fame, which I thought was still a good deal considering it’s 1kg of beef. some idiot asked me what’s the point if it’s not free. the point is you completed the challenge, not that you got a free meal.

Anyone who decides to do this must take note though, they have changed their policy somewhat. they now only make 3 servings of the burger PER DAY, challenge or non-challenge. when we got there, some table with 6 abercrombie & fitch looking guys had already ordered 3 Terminators so they weren’t able to serve us our 1kg burger. Bryan, as usual, was rather unhappy about it and was rightfully so as we made this trip specially for this burger and it wasn’t stated anywhere on their website that there was a 3 burger per day restriction, else we’d have reserved one. the french waitress was very nice about it, although unsuccesful on her first try with the chef about cooking a 4th one, she tried again and got us our 1kg burger. Bryan in turn offered to pay full price for the burger even though he’s pretty sure he could finish it under 20 so we were all nice and happy after that.

we ordered starters. prawns with butter. 6 prawns for 6 people. I made sure i ate mine as if it were steak.


BBQ Kurobuta baby back ribs with onion rings that melt in your mouth. the meat was so soft and yummy.


Whole Chermoula roast chicken (800g). Aaron almost died eating an entire chicken.


The Terminator. 5 pieces of 200g wagyu beef patty with a serving of fries. how does anyone finish all that?


the burger is as big as bryan’s head.


Tart made of nuts served with vanilla ice-cream and caramel.


Brownie with marshmellows. it was an iceberg of a brownie


choco malt thing



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