Inspired: How Google saved the Pirates vs Ninjas party

How to make goodie bags for Pirates vs Ninjas birthday party.

you need (1) a lot of patience (2) access to craft or budget shops (3) the power of Google.

If you’re in Singapore, you can find most of your pirate gear at Spotlight at Plaza Singapura. it’s at the party section (nearer to Daiso). they have pirate everything, from hats to eye patches to full party packs. I found a pirate pack of 8 with whistle (pirates whistle?), eye patch and everything. There was a full pirate gear set with pirate hat and all but that was $20 per set and I wasn’t keen on buying 5 sets of those. So I made do. The sword was from Daiso.


I had a tough time finding ninja gear until I hit Daiso. It was a good thing that Spotlight and Daiso were next to each other at Plaza Singapura so I killed two Internet memes with one stone. They had the ninja sword and best of all, the ninja mask, which tickled me to no end. I didn’t know what sort of tattoos ninjas had so I guess a yin yang one was close enough.

Daiso had many things. I think Daiso wins Mustafa hands down in best place to find anything and everything because I bet Mustafa doesn’t sell ninja masks. Even then, i realised that different outlets stocked variations of each thing. I found ninja mask bindi, 2, 3 and 4 from the Plaza Sing branch but only managed to find ninja mask 1 at ION. yes I went to three Daisos to complete everything. this is called love & devotion.


quite a bit of “research” went into this. Since Bryan was on my social network, and this theme was meant to be a surprise, I couldn’t ask anyone on Facebook and Twitter for any suggestions or ideas. so a quick “Pirates vs Ninjas party” search gave me some good ideas. It also made me realised that a lot of Westerners’ ideas of ninjas were kinda weird. Most mistake ninjas as something from the Chinese culture and tagged the ninja theme to dragons, red lanterns, fortune cookies and all things Chinese. What’s worse is someone tried to correct someone else by saying ninjas are not Chinese but Japanese, and the Japanese ninjas fight Chinese samurais. that was the killer statement of the week.

The other amazing thing about Google is that I managed to find an online shop called We Love Zakka that sold the white bunny ninja wire holder above (good for holding hair-ties too). I was actually looking for a ninja theme gift that ninjas could bring home and was quite pleased that I found the shop as it sold all manners of cute stationery things that girls have a tendency to spend money on. Considering my penchant for spending frivolously on cute Little Red Riding Hood post-its that cost $7 or Miffy sticky tabs at $10, this online store was godsend.


of course I got distracted while shopping for ninja stuff online and found this ninja bunny bag on welovezakka. it’s a nylon bag big enough to hold a water bottle or tupperware. great for bringing lunches to work!

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