Couplehood: It’s not me, it’s him

I’ve been asking friends who are married with no children how do they handle pesky people who ask questions about their childless state. my guy friend “blames” it on his wife “she doesn’t want any yet”. another friend “blames” it on her husband that he’s not ready yet. I began to see a pattern in this “it’s not me, it’s him” tactic that I’ve decided the next time someone asks me don’t i want children, I could use one of the following lines.

1. he’s infertile

2. his balls have not descended yet (Germaine’s contribution) – i seriously have no idea what this means.

3. his ears are clipped (James’ contribution – referring to stray cats who get neutered by AVA – Animal & vegetable Authority)

4. he prefers anal.. (and then spend the rest of the day walking funny).

5. he had measles. (Germaine’s contribution)



  1. marajaded · · Reply

    then there are the times that you are sick and everyone comes asking if you are pregnant.. that gets old very quickly..

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