I love Zi Char series: Soon Soon Huat

There’s a coffee shop we go to for lunch which serves really good prawn noodles, I think it’s called Tasty prawn noodles. next to it there’s a shop that serves really good curry puffs (flaky pastry type, not the Old Chang Kee type) called A1 curry puff. the regular crowd always finish off a bowl of tasty prawn noodles with a curry puff, either chicken or sardine.

This time round, we decided to eat at the zi char place next door called Soon Soon Huat Seafood. The food’s not bad and since few people eat zi char during lunch, our food came out pretty quick.

Fuyong eggs (omelet with crab meat, minced meat, all sorts of rubbish in it)


sambal kang kong


fried chicken in mongolian sauce


their recommended dish was butter pork ribs. unlike two chefs where the pork is served with milk powder, this one uses condensed milk. I preferred this version.


hot plate tofu, always a winner.


we also ordered another recommended dish Dragonball, which is actually deep fried yam balls with scallops in it. not worth the try as the scallops were really small and yam is totally uninspiring. it’s really just yam ring without the vegetables.

Address: Blk 94 Henderson Road, #01-276 Ow Meeting Place


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  1. ah i know the place! i used to go there too when i was still working at depot road

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