Game of Thrones: book vs tv

I finally finished reading Game of Thrones so I can finally watch the HBO series. the rule of thumb is that most film or television adaptations tend to ruin the book so I usually prefer reading it before watching it. the exception is Lord of the Rings because that book was god awful boring.

Judging by the first episode alone, the tv series seems to be keeping true to the book, which is great. Not so great that since I just read the book, it’s actually a little boring to go through the scenes again. Perhaps I should have best left what little I remembered of the book 10 years ago and watched the series. I might have enjoyed it a little more. That way I wouldn’t have noticed how stilted the acting was, compared to the visuals the unraveled in my mind as I read the book, like any other book I read.

I might also have enjoyed the show a little more if the characters looked close to what I imagined them to be. Some were hits, others were misses. It was like when I watched Legend of the Seeker, adapted from the Sword of Truth series (by Terry Goodkind), that I was disgusted that Zedd and Richard Rahl looked drastically different from what I imagined them to be. Every time I tried to watch the series on tv, I invariably end up turning it off in disgust.

So to show you what I mean, I decided to use some pictures of actors who best represent how I imagined them, vs the actual Game of Thrones cast. These pictures were picked before I watched the first episode.

What do you think? Did they pick actors who look like the characters you imagined?

Actual cast on left vs what I imagined them to be on right.

Eddard Stark vs Jeremy Irons (picture taken from Eragon)

mmm quite close. I didn’t think they’d use dude from LOTR.


Catelyn Stark vs Miranda Raison (picture taken from Anne Boleyn)

Quite close don’t you think? except mine is a younger version in blue.


Robb Stark vs Ed Speleers (from Eragon)

I couldn’t tell Robb and Jon Snow apart throughout the first episode unless they called one of them Bastard.


Sansa Stark vs Dakota Fanning (from Twilight New Moon)

Pardon the red eyes but I was trying to find someone  who was annoying little bitch. However I have to admit the actual cast fits really well into the look of Sansa.


Arya Stark vs Ashley Greene (From Twilight)

okay okay I know Arya is supposed to be a kid but because she spent part of the story with short hair, I imagined something spunky.


Jon Snow vs Garrett Hedlund (from Eragon)

the hairstyle is close?


Robert Baratheon vs King Henry VIII

Robert was fat. Robert was a king. how hard is it to imagine him?


Cersei Lannister vs Jessica Marais (from Legend of the Seeker)

my image of Cersei was a strong-willed ice blonde queen, but not skinny like Cate Blanchett. However I have to admit their choice of actor for Cersei is fantastic. I love her look. she’s really appropriate.


Jaime Lannister vs Kellan Lutz (from Twilight)

again, a good choice of actor. I was actually imagining something like that but I couldn’t think of an actor to google. 2 names came to mind, Gerard Depardieu or Owen Wilson, except both have broken noses, but they have the right jaw and floppy hair. in the end I ended up with a good looking blondie. you’d never guess who he is. it’s EMMETT CULLEN. without clothes and without foundation.


Tyrion Lannister vs a dwarf (from World of Warcraft)

okay perhaps I took “Dwarf” too literally.


Daenerys Targaryen vs Natalie Dormer (from The Tudors)

I KNOW. she’s supposed to be blonde, especially when they kept referring to her as Silver but I imagined someone with a hotter spicier look like the actor who acted as Anne Boleyn from The Tudors. unfortunately, I didn’t like their choice of Daenerys. she reminded me too much of that chick from Coyote Ugly.


Joer Mormont vs John Malkovich (from Eragon)

got the white beard spot on.


Petyr Baelish vs Robert Carlyle (from Eragon)

I didn’t realise how decent looking he was supposed to be. I mean with a name like “Baelish” or “Little Finger”, I imagined someone more slimy.


Varys vs Danny DeVito (from Batman Returns)

i’m not kidding! I really imagined a guy with a bald head and hair coming out at the sides! it’s the typical sinister not to be trusted look of the season!

(all pictures belong to HBO, Warner Brothers, Fox, etc etc etc. They don’t belong to me)


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