Weekend in Beauty

I like reading Elle (Singapore) because of their focus on fashion and beauty, also the many pretty pictures of beautiful people. For the launch of their make-up book 2011, Elle has collaborated with a couple of well-known brands to run make-up workshops. I registered for the Dior workshop and was invited to their Dior Beaute Boutique at Ion Orchard, the first of its kind in Asia.

The boutique was larger than the usual shop space taken up by a make-up brand and it has enough space to hold 10 participants lucky enough to be invited to this workshop. The boutique also recently launched its facial spa facility which is a single room decked out in trademark Dior panache to deliver luxury to its customers.

At my make-up counter all ready for the Dior experience. The make-up consultant Mashita took us through the Dior skin care steps.We tried Dior Hydra Life essence, followed by the One Essential – Skin Boosting Serum, which apparently helps remove the toxins from your face. This was then repeated on the eyes with the eye cream versions. when that was done, they gave me a moisturiser to slather on my face and neck. by then my face was feeling rather pampered with all the luxurious creams.

After that, Mashita took us through the make-up steps one by one. from make-up base to layering on foundation to completing the look with loose powder. I learnt the basic art of make-up application back in school when i was 16 and slowly picked up tips here and there from beauty magazines, but this session clarified some mistakes i’ve been making all these years. I learnt that when drawing my eyebrows, I should start at the tips first before working my way in. Same with eye liner which I rarely use, one should always draw from the outer edges to the centre of the eye where the eye balls sits.They also reinforced the message that blending was key to perfect make-up. Blend blend blend. Which I’ve always found ironic that they teach you all these things to make make-up look natural (read: as if you’re not wearing make-up).

They had a model who sat there looking very calm as they applied stuff onto her face. She wore this lilac chiffon gown that looked as if she was off to a cocktail party. I stared at her neatly tied ponytail with not a single strand of hair out of place and her well manicured neutral nails and thought her seemingly out of this world.

The model was so gorgeous I had to take a picture with her.


in the workshop, they also taught us how to simulate the smokey-eye look, something which I’ve never been able to master without looking like Frankenstein. When the make-up consultant taught us that with small slitty Asian eyes, we should use black eye liner to OPEN our eyes up, she demonstrated the eye-opening effect on the model’s right eye. when you compared both her eyes, you realised that it really works! much like those scary photos of Taiwanese girls who use the same make-up tricks to make their eyes look bigger.

After this fun experience, I rewarded myself with a Dior blusher palette and a spa experience at their boutique.

Thank you Dior and Elle Singapore for the experience!


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