Couplehood: new litter tray for Grey

Grey doesn’t like to share litter box with Fido coz Fido doesn’t flush after he uses. So Grey acts out by peeing outside of the box, taken from 7 Ineffective Habits of Psychotic Cats, the other 6 being hissing at everyone, sitting on smelly cat ass on people things, etc. We went shopping at Pet Station and got Grey a new litter tray. In addition, we got new litter as Grey didn’t like the compact paper ones we’ve been using.

We tried to lure Grey to the box with a packet of wet food but his brain was filled with TUNA TUNA TUNA that he didn’t register the litter box at all. We tried to grab him and put him in the box but he struggled out each time. no amount of cajoling or bribing could get him in.


Fido, on the other hand, wanted in on the new toy. he circled it cautiously.

Then jumped in and started scratching around. I’m not sure what scratching meant but I hope he isn’t marking the tray as his coz it’d defeat the purpose of getting a 2nd litter tray in the first place.

when he started to squat, I started to panic. We grabbed him and carried him out but he kept trying to climb back in. the total opposite of Grey.

We placed the 2nd litter tray far away from Fido’s so Grey wouldn’t reject it. Amazingly, I spotted Grey using it! he first walked towards Fido’s tray, sniffed at it in disdain (as if his own pee smelled any better), then stalked towards the new tray. he put one foot in cautiously before climbing in. I gasped, unable to believe that our plan was going to work. He caught me staring so he glared at me. I didn’t want the plan to fail even before it begin so I froze. Grey waited to make sure I wouldn’t be making any sudden moves before squatting to pee. SUCCESS!!



  1. LOL! Congrats on the cat-pan success. Treats for good kitties who pee where they should! 🙂

    1. do cats respond to treats the way dogs do? i.e. treats for good behaviour.

      1. Yes, I think so. Need to be consistent, though.

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