Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant

Whenever we’re at Robertson Quay craving Japanese food, we’d find ourselves either at Aburiya or Shunjuu Izakaya. In fact there are so many Japanese restaurants within that vicinity that I often why do Singaporeans still patron the locally owned chains that serve rubbish Japanese food for stupid prices such as Waraku or MOF. If I had a cause this year, it would be to bring all these bad food chains down. On the other hand, these chains keep people with mediocre tastebuds from crowding the places with good food.

One of these places is Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant. It’s located next to Shunjuu, and serves really simple meals such as bento boxes, dons and noodles. At first glance, the menu looked rather disappointing and it took me a long time to finally decide on a beef don set.

The fare was simple but absolutely tasty. It’s teriyaki beef but it’s not any ordinary teriyaki sauce out of a bottle. stir fried with a generous amount of onions, it was dripping with sauce. the set came with a serving of sashimi, pickles and potato salad.

A platter of fresh, sweet sashimi. I love a good plate of sashimi where fish tastes more like nectar than fish.


We decided to be adventurous and ordered a tuna with fermented beans. Being a Teochew girl, I had no qualms about eating fermented beans. What i didn’t realise that Chinese fermented beans differ greatly from Japanese fermented beans. the only way I could describe this flavour was burnt beans. An acquired taste for sure.


Very affordable place ($15 / pax) with good wholesome Japanese food. it’s no wonder this place is filled with Japanese people.

Sugisawa Japanese Restaurant
30 Robertson Quay, #01-16 Riverside View


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