Weekday lunch at Cocotte

One of my favourite things to do is take a day off from drudgery and go for a nice long weekday lunch with Bryan. Because he had a day off from school, that’s what we did exactly and popped by Cocotte for lunch, armed with a Groupon deal I got a few months ago.

This was my second visit to Cocotte, the first was with my boss who was impressed with their zao pai cai, roast chicken. My boss, although is about my age and looks younger than he really is, is a coffee shop uncle at heart. His 2 loves are char siew rice (roasted pork rice) and kopi-o (black coffee). so when he’s was waxing lyrical about “roast chicken”, I really expected roasted chicken rice. little did I expect a french restaurant tucked in the middle of Little India.


For starters, we had the soup du jour: Cream of mushroom soup. yummy. we also had the chicken liver mousse which was absolutely divine when eaten with the bread they gave us, with salad and pickles on the side.


Since I had the chicken the last time, I tried the pork collar this round. I forget that I don’t like french style of cooking pork. Since I don’t cook, I can only describe it as blanched pork, by chucking the meat into boiling water till it’s cooked. the dish’s only saving grace is the thick cream sauce that came with it. I guess that’s how you’re supposed to eat it but boiling pork really brings out all the porky flavour of pork and I didn’t really like it at all.

Bryan ordered the fish which was surprisingly good. typically I don’t enjoy Western style of fish preparation but this one was rather tasty and kept the fish meat moist and fluffy. the skin was crispy and had the tendency to stick to your molars but the sauce that came with it complimented it rather well.


chocolate cake something. don’t like chocolate enough to care. Bryan said it was nice.


Creme brulee. had a hint of coffee in it. which was great coz I couldn’t stay awake during lunch at all. I had no idea why but I was literally gonna collapse into my meal. We had to get them to serve the coffee in the middle of main course so I wouldn’t get a sleepy headache trying to stay awake.

by the way, coffee at Cocotte is weak.


Just the way I love my restaurants, devoid of people.


Bryan caught red-handed reading his Kindle and IGNORING ME! and we’re not even married yet!



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