Food: Ootaya (Orchard Central)

A quick search on Hungrygowhere brought me to Ootaya at Orchard Central. Located on the 8th floor, it’s tucked in a corner at the end of the corridor. there’s a “common seating area” at the front where you’re sorta seated on the floor. luckily for us, my friend managed to grab a booth to the right of the restaurant, because I really don’t like to take my shoes off in public, unless it’s to try new shoes. They sold simple Japanese fare with a bit of twist to it. each dish was slightly unique rendition of a typical dish. I chose the grilled chicken with miso paste (it’s usually teriyaki chicken or miso eggplant / some other vegetable), but it was alright, nothing fantastic. However if you’re looking for a simple meal, this is a hearty meal although nothing much to shout about. my set came with a cold dish of radish which was a little disappointing because I expected it to be served piping hot, like the radish broth I was served on a cold autumn day in Kyoto.


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