Weekend Wrap-up: Tricia & Eugene’s Wedding

Love story of the century finally happened. some of you have already heard the story, but for those who haven’t, Tricia and Eugene have known each other for most of their lives, where one was a choir girl and the other an altar boy. They grew up as friends but drifted when they entered adulthood. fast forward many years and they were friends again, becoming best friends, seeing each other getting in and out of relationships with other people while being there for each other. as friends.

and finally the day came when the time and opportunity was right and Eugene made his move and Tricia, after thinking long and hard about it, said yes let’s give it a try. They made the big announcement to their dodgy internet friends on, where else but the internet and we were so pleased. nothing better can happen to this couple than the both of them.

The party was held at District 10, where the old Monk’s Hill Secondary school used to be at Newton. I’ve never been there before the wedding but it has received mixed reviews on food websites. the couple had a lot of trouble with the event management team while planning the wedding, which made me a little hesitant about choosing a non-ballroom venue for a wedding as they usually do not have the experience to handle something as important as a wedding party.

However that night itself turned out pretty okay, except for very minor hiccups like they left the reception table in the dark because “the restaurants is supposed to be dimly lit except for the main dining area”. and they didn’t have a pair of scissors I could borrow that the waitress came back with a knife for me to cut paper with. Also they decided to pull a last minute monkey stunt and said they will only serve a set number of pork vs fish meals and we had to keep track not to burst the total number, to which this was not agreed upon at all.

Of course when the bride floated by and asked everything was alright, we all grinned and reassured her that it was, and she floated away, her bride bubble intact.

Each table was labelled with a band that they’ve seen together friends or as a couple. How cute is that! my worry is that at my wedding, it would be World of Warcraft town names :/


Pork or Salmon?

I cannot believe I FORGOT a guest was a muslim convert and Pork or Salmon?  came out of my mouth. SHOOT ME ALREADY.

the other booboo we did was when one of the couple’s divorced parent appeared with his girlfriend and not recognising them, we asked if she were family or friend of the bride. DOH!


The bride singing a song to the groom which she secretly practiced in her bedroom while he was taking a shower or a dump.

Song: The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson


looking slightly crazed.


sound & vocal


the only yam seng the groom got


a fine bunch of perverts we are


Congratulations to my favourite couple!




  1. Thank you for all your help and your support, and your love. It had made a difference to us and we’re so happy and grateful to have friends like you. Wait till its your turn… your bubble will be made of fiberglass, if we can help it!

    1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

      I agree with Trish wrt fibreglass bubble 🙂

      1. i gotta entrust someone to entertain my mother so she won’t crack that bubble 😛

    2. always happy to help 🙂 parties are such fun to plan and prepare for!

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