For the boy who wanted a Pirates vs Ninjas party

The birthday boy has been clamouring for a Pirates vs Ninjas party for some time. or a Plants vs Zombies one. but he couldn’t make up his mind so it could have been Pirates vs Ninjas vs Plants vs Zombies vs Vampires vs Werewolves vs Cowboys vs Aliens. I decided on Pirates vs Ninjas for him because getting the goodie bags for the rest is going to be a pain in the butt.

The party was supposed to be a surprise but he got wind of it when he tried to arrange his own birthday dinner with the same gang. I gave him a look and he realized I was planning something. I also hid the goodie bags in car boot which he almost opened until I ninja jumped in front of it and said NO! and he knew I was up to no good. But the boy played along coz I told him for the sake of our relationship, he must not spoil the surprise. Except for the day itself where he didn’t know where we were going still and didn’t know what to wear. Despite me telling him specifically jeans & tee, he still threw a hissy fit, “I don’t like not knowing where I’m going so I can dress for it!” so I rolled my eyes and told him Paulaner Brauhaus. Where else.

I prepared goodie bags for those who came. you either get a Pirate Ahoy bag or a Ninja Warrior bag. Luckily for me, most of the party items were easy to get from either Daiso (ninja) or Spotlight (pirate). In the Pirate bag, our mateys got a pirate sword, eye patch, pirate tattoo, spyglass, pirate map, gold coins and pirate whistle. In the Ninja bag, our warriors got a ninja sword, shuriken (throwing star), ninja tattoo, gold coins, bunny ninja wire holder and best of all NINJA MASKS!!


I trawled google for pirate and ninja paper craft, and found these 2 mascots for the party. the treasure chest of coins can be found at any provision shop that sells sweets. I got mine from a shop at Telok Blangah Drive that specialises in sweets and crackers. The origami shuriken instructions can be found online. apparently people 2-4 years younger than me made origami shuriken before in their childhood. I never had such a blessed childhood so this is my first time making them.


The birthday boy injured his eye the day before the party so this eye patch was rather appropriate.


Tricia’s ARG! came out sounding like aiyaahhhraahghhh


Paulaner Brauhaus makes birthday cakes too. When I ordered the chocolate truffle cake, i said 31, three big one small candles. when they served the cake, they asked ALL the candles? i thought wtf it’s only 4 candles. then they brought out 31 candles wtf but Paulaner Brauhaus staff, you’re the best man. the cake was on fire.

The staff who took my cake order also asked if I wanted to ink something on the cake. I said yup, Pirates vs Ninjas. she went wut?

the pirate candles can be found at Spotlight. Spotlight has a pirate bias. thankfully Daiso had a ninja bias.


The happy couple fresh from their banyan honeymoon.


Joe cleaning his… ear?


my two favourite ladies


Bryan was also hankering for the old school water pistol that most places don’t sell anymore, unless you search really hard at old school toy shops. by sheer luck I found them at Daiso and presented him in a gift box (also Daiso) and he was like GAH OMG! well happy birthday dude 🙂

of course the first thing he did was to point it at me. arse.


This wins best photo of the year. Other people in the restaurant were taking pictures of them.

How do pirates eat their pork knuckle.


Ninjas in a black… white suit. turtle power.


The most awesome people who are always game for anything. Eugene faces. boob pictures. pirate poses. ninja whatevers.

the best part about everything was the Pirates vs Ninjas video we made at the end. Conceptualised by Eugene, directed by Joe, filmed by myself. Starring Golden Horse winners Adele, Germaine, Tricia and James.

Photos by Tricia



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    I’ll say it again – that was an excellent party! The cake especially was legend-wait for it-dary. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the waitress carrying it over.

    apparently people 2-4 years younger than me made origami shuriken before in their childhood.
    (^_^)V –> That’s me smiling and flashing a peace sign.

    1. HAHA i was kinda shocked by the cake too. i was truly puzzled why he said ALL the candles. I thought he probably meant the pirate ones AND the 3+1 candle?

      i never realised that there could be “cultural differences” between people of only 2-5 years age difference, until i met my Penguin who’s only 5 years my junior but had a totally different childhood from mine. also Bryan, who has never heard of the 1980s version of V (while Eugene, Tricia and I had) till I wikied it and realised V came out in ’82 where i was at least 4 and Bry was only 2, most likely not truly understanding anything yet. which kinda explained it 🙂

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        Oh, definitely. James is 6 years older than I am and we get these ‘cultural differences’ all the freaking time 🙂

      2. I might have mentioned it to you before but James was my senior in CJC. If I didn’t remember wrongly, his BFF then was this weird ah beng with an accent called Edmund.

  2. Awesome party. Who can resist props?! Genius!
    I never even heard of origami shuriken before yesterday. Thats me slapping on my koyok.

    1. uh i’m assuming the definition of this koyok is a different one from what I’m familiar with coz that made no sense.

      i’m glad everyone participated. I actually worried the night before it wouldn’t pan out well and I couldn’t sleep! the last time I decided to “plan something different” was my pink birthday party so many years ago and I worried no one would turn up in pink but EVERYONE DID! such love 🙂

  3. LOL at the video!

    1. I just love how sporting these people are!

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