Parenthood: Grey is sick

It was a weekend of trips to the vet with Grey. He had been sulking in his corner (which was normal), but according to Bryan, not eating nor drinking (rather abnormal) not pooping and worse of all, throwing up bile. Grey has never thrown up before and at first, I assumed it was hairball. but after cleaning up 4 bile puddles in 2 days, I told Bryan it’s time to get Grey checked, we took him to Animal Recovery Centre (Bukit Timah).

There were 2 retrievers at the clinic, a goldie and a blackie. They were so friendly, one came for pets on the head, which i obediently gave. He then placed his head on my lap and left a slobbering mess on my lap -_-

The doctor on duty said Grey was severely dehydrated so he needed to be put on drip. he did a blood test and said Grey was mostly okay, no imminent risk of kidney malfunction yet. However he had an ulcer on his tongue which was the reason why he hadn’t been eating or drinking. The doctor gave us some antibiotics and we collected Grey at the end of the first night.

Trying to feed Grey medication was a mission in itself. Bryan tried to hold him down while I stick the syringe in but he wouldn’t have any of it. he snarled and bucked and tried to scratch our eyes out. after half an hour of trying, we gave up and let him be. even the Navy Seals would have found this mission impossible.

Over the next day, I tried to get him to eat and drink water. at one point, I carried the water dish and tried to describe the tastiness of water to Grey. He glowered at me and took a few licks of water. SUCCESS! so there I was, squatting in the middle of the kitchen at 3am (couldn’t sleep), carrying His Majesty’s water bowl as he drank some water.

I was not so successful with the food though. That was Bryan’s success, who mashed his food into soup and got Grey to drink some. suffice to say, after 3 days of having cat food so up close and personal, I cannot eat luncheon meat ever again.

On the third day, we brought Grey back to the vet for more re-hydration. Unfortunately, when Bryan went to pick him up at the end of the day, Grey struggled and Elizabethan collar he was wearing slipped and caught against his mouth, causing his bottom front tooth to dislodge. Poor kitty was in so much pain, yowling and protesting! Bryan was furious at the clinic assistants and told them in a Bryan way to remove the goddamn collar. poor kitty had to be comforted and they called the vet back to check on him. at his advice, we decided to keep him at the clinic overnight as he definitely needed to be on IV drip as there was no way we could feed him with his mouth injured like that.

However on the 4th day when Bryan went back to check on him, Grey seemed in a better mood. by then Grey had a reputation at the clinic. they called him Naughty Boy to our faces, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t so polite behind our backs. as the One-Whom-Grey-Only-Loves, when Bryan carried him out of the cage, Grey was really docile and compliant that the vet was truly amazed. He couldn’t believe Bryan kept the nasty lil bastard all these years. I asked Bryan if that meant that even if I were to turn into a nasty lil bitch, he’d still stay with me for the rest of my life and he said yes. Isn’t that sweet??

Check it out. He looks like an orc now.
Orc cat orc cat, what you gonna do? what you gonna do?
what you gonna do when he comes for you!


Anyway Grey is now back and short of one tooth. The vet decided to yank it out and now I call him Boh-Grey (toothless Grey). I think he’s on the mend coz he started eating. The vet taught us to tempt Grey by smearing his upper lip with food so that Grey would lick it. a bit like feeding babies! Your prayers and good thoughts to Boh-Grey will be appreciated!



  1. Poor Grey!!! *pats* He does totally look like an orc.

    Smearing the cat’s nose with food (or medication, sometimes) is the best way to get them to eat it. Gets messy though, and takes way too much patience!

  2. Grey only lets Bryan near him, and I’m the one with oodles of patience (45 mins waiting for parking lot sort of patience) so we’re still trying to figure a way around this. oh let’s not forget i’m also allergic to cats sigh.

  3. Lolitapopz · · Reply

    Your posts crack me up, bur!! I finding myself going heehee every other line!

    Here’s hoping bo grey feels better soon! He looks one kinda cool with that tooth!

    1. hee hee funnily when Bryan read this post, he was hee hee -ing too, which I found weird since he was part of the entire Grey care giving process so I don’t know what’s new…

      thanks for the good thoughts! I hope Grey gets well soon. Now begins our adventure in taking care of an old man.

  4. Lolitapopz · · Reply

    And I hope Bryan really gave it to the people at the vet, for screwing up like that!! If they did that to Scout, I might set the damn place on fire. (ok I won’t but I will be really upset!!!)

    1. well I wasn’t there but his Bryan Voice is very scary. yesterday we tried to get to our car at Ion but couldn’t coz they locked the lifts within the building. the fact that they did that made Bryan Very Angry at the poor guard on duty. so he used his Bryan Voice. the guard gave us directions but wasn’t VERY specific (like the door to the lift lobby is exactly 232 steps from the front of the 3rd pillar sort of specific). so Bryan couldn’t find the one lift lobby that would bring us to our car and he marched back to the guard PISSED OFF. he was mad at the guard for not giving specific instructions but I was like dude, he’s a security guard, not a map drawer or phd professor or something.

      so ya, his Bryan Voice is scary. if you read the next post on people who talk during movies, you’ll see what I mean. so i’m guessing the clinic assistants were scared too 😛

  5. oh dear, really hope grey recovers soon. kit cat is also having problems so we are cutting our trip short

    1. oh dear, what happened to kit cat? i hope nothing too serious?

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