Baking: Earl Grey cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream

My 3rd attempt at making cupcakes. You’d think by now I’d have mastered the basics of baking cupcakes, but I still messed up.

The basic recipe of making cupcakes was pretty simple, with the addition of adding earl grey tea into the mix. I even remembered not to overfill the cupcake cups so it won’t explode the way the fugly cupcakes I made the last round did. When I put them in the oven, I breathed a sigh of relief coz I thought this time, my cupcakes would be almost perfect.

When the oven went ding! I realised some of the cupcakes looked a little weird. I pulled out the tray and accidentally bumped one of the cupcakes against the a metal bit and it sorta sank like a failed souffle. Alarmed, I stuck a toothpick in and realised the insides were still soggy. being an amateur, I did the only thing I knew; crank up the oven and put the cupcakes in for another 10 minutes.

10 minutes came and went and it still looked raw. so I left it in there for another 15 minutes. by the time I was done, some of the cupcakes looked a nice brown while the others still looked a bit pale. I pulled out the tray and took the cupcakes out. to my horror, the base of every cupcake looked a little charred. Bryan took one apart and we realised the bottom half of the cupcakes were burnt! the brown cupcakes were hard to touch and had a cookie like hardness to its top. the top half was edible but a tad dry. Bryan even held a cupcake to my ear and tapped it TOK TOK TOK!

I had to throw that batch of cupcakes out. my mistake was I forgot to put a separate tray on the lower third of the oven to put the cupcake tin on. so instead of hot convection air circulating under the cupcake tin, it was in constant contact with the bottom heating pan of the oven. No wonder it overcooked! well, that and the fact I left the cupcakes in for too long.


The second batch of cupcakes turned out fine. They were even tasty! This time I had 1 disfigured cupcake while the rest stayed in perfect cupcake shape. I spooned the Lemon Buttercream on top of the cupcakes and served it with a green M&M each to keep with Germaine’s tea party the next day. I thought trying to add green food colouring to the buttercream was a tad bit adventurous especially when I’m not experienced enough to figure out the liquid consistency in the recipe.

Recipe taken from Annie Oakley’s Kitchen. She took the recipe off and made some modifications. I added my own by adding a little less sugar than the recipe called for coz I prefer subtle flavours.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    I thought they were really good.

    1. thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂

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