Weekend Wrap-up: Tricia’s Kitchen Tea Hen Party

Tricia’s getting married soon so we decided that she deserves a hen party. However the lovely bride didn’t want too big an affair so we had a small do at Germaine’s, who generously volunteered to plan and prepare EVERYTHING. I need friends like that around me.

since Tricia’s favourite colour is Green, we decided to throw a Green tea party for her. Germaine cracked her head thinking of green food and decorations. There was pesto pasta, cucumber with dips and stuff. on the lefthand side, you can see the green cupcakes I attempted for this party.

Green macarons from Canele and not so green honeydew with parma ham.

lemonade with green straws. green ferns for decoration. such attention to detail!


Germaine also prepared a series of party games. One of which was that we weren’t allowed to say anything on the list of taboo words. it started out with one word “wedding” and the list grew to all sorts of things. the affair kinda degenerated into a host of pointing and shrieking as we caught one another for saying taboo words, use of Chinese words as replacement, and constant glancing at the list to make sure we didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said.

At one’s own hen party, one has liberty to grope other boobies. Makes me wonder what do stags do, grab one another?

The next fun game we played was somewhat like Project Runway. Armed with toilet paper rolls and masking tape, we were supposed to interpret what Tricia’s dress might be. going by her character, it was definitely plunging neck-line and revealing.

by then, the number “2” was on the taboo list so Adele decided to mime it.

The blushing bride. he had rolled up toilet paper as boobies.

Our interpretation of a bridal train

Tricia doing a sloshed Heidi Klum?


Round 1… FIGHT!

Video of the Bride Wars here. You should watch it, it’s fulla giggles.


The next game involved writing down random advice to Tricia, which she fished out from her dress as Eleanor read out some pre-prepared questions for the party. so the aim was to randomly answer these questions with the answers we created for fun.

I had a lot of fun!

Party pictures belong to Tricia Seow



  1. I had a lot of fun too! Thanks for the yummy cupcakes!

    1. you’re most welcome! i love baking for people!

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