Inspired: hair things vs hard disks

I’m an avid page flipper of Elle Magazine. This August, their bumper issue includes the first ever Elle Make-up book with tips on skin care, make-up and hair dos. Most importantly, they also threw in a toiletries bag and I grabbed the last one on the rack, which was fortunately red! I love collecting free bags! my first one was an Agnes B, followed by a Hansel yellow tote, and now a beach happy red striped bag!

I was also running low on hair accessories so I grabbed some off a shop having a closing down sale. The best kind of hair accessories for me are the hair-ties coz they are easy to use and I can loop them around my wrist to be used anytime I please. Of course the peril of wearing something pretty and fluffy is that my colleagues thought it was a good idea to flick my hair puff while it was on my head. That earned them the scolding of the century. How is it people not realise how annoying it is when something is making your head move no matter how imperceptibly? it’s like an asshole shaking his leg somewhere down the row in the cinema.

One of the hardware shops at Funan was selling Seagate GoFlex external hard drive (2 TB) for only $160. that’s 30% off the usual retail price! of course I had to grab it. Didn’t even think twice. unlike the stupid Kate Spade patent bag I hmmed and hawed for almost 3 weeks. More space!


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