Baking Together: The Fugliest Cupcakes in the World

My second attempt at cupcake baking was a disaster.

actually the entire baking process was okay. How hard is it to screw up a recipe with a set of clear instructions? unless you’re dyslexic of course. or have a problem with following instructions.


After the somewhat success of Red Velvet cupcakes, I thought to challenge myself and try Brown Sugar-Pecan cupcake with caramel frosting. Everything was pretty easy to do, until I had to make caramel, which shouldn’t have been a problem since I made caramel before (for Sticky Date Pudding). however I forgot how tedious it was to make caramel. It’s simply sugar + water + a lot of boiling + a lot of stirring. I stirred till my arm almost fell off. First the sugar syrup turned white and bubbly as above. and then some chemical reaction will happen and it will miraculously turn brown and tada! caramel. So one has to be really careful while WATCHING (yes you have to watch it) caramel.


Else it would turn like this. it went from white bubbly syrup, to lovely caramel to OMG THIS SHIT IS BURNING!! there was a horrible burnt smell and the moment was gone. i had to trash this and make a new batch.

A word to all, please allow the caramel to cool somewhat before throwing it away. Bryan stuck the bubbly mess under cold running water the very moment i shouted NO! and the bubbly burnt caramel immediately solidified and it was a FREAKING PAIN to clean the pot.


anyway after the caramel frosting was successfully done, Bryan helped pipe it onto the cupcake. He poured the frosting into a clear plastic bag, cut the tip off and tada! piping bag. rather ingenious for a person who pour cold water into boiling caramel.


unfortunately, I followed the recipe a little too closely. Also overfilled each cupcake case too much so the cupcake kinda exploded all over the tray into like atomic clouds of sugar. The brownish specks on top is grounded pecan. and the end result, really ugly cupcakes. very tasty though. but I was a little embarrassed to serve them. fortunately Bryan’s colleagues loved them. He used a whole bunch of adjectives but I’m pretty sure he made some up to make me feel better, which is why I’m marrying him I guess.

would I bake this again? probably, with a less sugar than the recipe called for. The cupcake had a slightly chewy consistency, much like Subway cookies. I think coz brown sugar was used instead of fine / caster sugar.


Recipe here: Brown Sugar Pecan Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting by Epicurious



  1. Keep going! Half of the fun of baking is getting it wrong (that way you don’t have to share – haha!). There’s load to learn but I’ve been having a great time learning! Enjoy

    1. hey that’s good advice. frankly, you may think me weird, I don’t really want to eat the cupcakes I bake. I’m more than happy to feed everyone around me with the sugary goodness, perhaps because i’m on a self-imposed half-assed diet (cut sugar intake but ya whatever). I just love the magic of baking! mixing the ingredients to produce such wonderful fluffy cupcakes! especially when I can do something that any restaurant or bakery can do too. right now, I just really need to improve on the appearance of the cupcakes 😛

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