Good Year Seafood Village

We were in the far east regions of the world (Tampines) so a quick google brought us to this seafood zi char place, which was located a bit off the map and rather inaccessible unless you drove and had Google Maps. It’s next to a temple that was strangely practicing lion dance at night, and among some abandoned trees.

2 things were recommended at this place: their zi char (salted egg crab and assam fish head) and their fish steamboat. we picked the latter and we were given a choice of fish.

being a fan of fishhead steam boat, i wasn’t very impressed by this one. it’s a typical fish steamboat with ingredients such as salted fish for flavour, yam, vegetables and seaweed. but it lacks the oomph that would make or break a steamboat. compared to the one we eat in Serangoon road, this is mediocre.

we ordered a side of coffee pork ribs which was good. there was more meat than bones and each piece had a layer of fat which adds to the flavour. very yum! perhaps zi char would be a better choice next time!

Address: 15 Tampines Avenue, Singapore



  1. I know the place! I’ve been there with my dad a couple of times. The lion dance and temple parts cued me in 🙂

    1. it is a good thing the temple is in a secluded area. any flat dwelling neighbour would have thrown things at the lion dance troupe, temple or not!

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