Strawberry Shortcake

When I was a kid, I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake. Back in the 80s, Strawberry Shortcake was premium stuff. There was only one shop in Singapore located at United Square that sold her stuff. I think I had a few dresses and a small hand bag from there, which I think I still have now somewhere in one of my boxes. I used to carry my handbag lovingly because I love Strawberry Shortcake dearly. My mother even bought me Strawberry Shortcake paper dolls, which I’d lovingly tear out of the book, dress up and place on a table to play. I had the entire village, with Strawberry Shortcake’s friends like Blueberry Muffin. They would live their happy perfect lives in Strawberryland and they have long conversations, directed by yours truly. I had the entire paper village set up on a large table and played with it almost every day. So it was a rather traumatic experience when my father decided that I was a Big Girl now and shouldn’t be playing with paper dolls. In one fell swoop, he swept the entire paper village into the trash bag and threw them away. I cried my heart out.

Fast forward 25 years later, quite unexpectedly I found her again. There I was giving Bryan the cold shoulder coz I was pissed off at something he said, when I glanced into one of those random shops that sold stuffed toys when I spotted Strawberry Shortcake sitting high on the shelf. The world came to a screeching halt as my jaw dropped open. Bryan looked and didn’t spot any Miffy doll (I was staring at that at another shop, another story for another time) so he didn’t immediately get what I was gaping at until I stopped in front of her, raised both arms, clenched and unclenched my fists, and mouthed, I want.

He reached up and took one doll down for me. It was the size of a pillow and it was $79. I stood there gaping at her in happiness. It’s Strawberry Shortcake! Not the original 80s version (in a dress) but good enough for me as she wasn’t the modern version with the modern hair (eugh). I wanted her so badly, but not bad enough to spend $79 on a stupid doll that’s probably gonna sit on my bed and stare at me creepily while I sleep.

So after a lot of hemming and hawing, I decided the smallest one (a foot high) was good enough for me. At least this one can sit in the car comfortably and keep Obelix company without taking up too much space.


Other stuff I found online: Strawberry Shortcake themed party, Strawberry Shortcake paper doll,



  1. there’s tons of SS stuff on the ebay here……. if you need/want something, lmk!

    1. omg! the minute i saw your comment I quickly went to google on ebay UK. *HAPPINESS*

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