Red carpet treatment

because I love my bun bun, I decided to get her a rug. the room she sleeps and plays in has parquet tiles which are a little slippery for her so when she tries to run around, her feet tend to slide around and i feel really bad for her. So i got her a bamboo mat from Giant but she didn’t like it. she kept trying to flip it away [story]. i didn’t like it either coz I kept slipping on it. so I went to Ikea and got her a rug instead.


she took to it like a crazed bunny. for the first time in the longest time, she finally started doing binkies again! binkies are silly jumps of joy that rabbits do when they are happy, looks like a retarded twitch they do in mid-air. here she’s scampering around, finding her feet again.

i’m glad she likes the rug. finally something I buy for her that she likes.


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