Weekend wrap-up: Beerfest Asia 2011

I realised I forgot to post about Beerfest this year. 3rd year running, it’s back behind Singapore Flyer again.


About 300 types / brands of beer was served at this 4 day outdoor festival.


Unlike the 1st year where they had Vertical Horizon, the subsequent years they decided to invite tribute bands instead (I keep thinking “spoof bands” instead). this year we had U2, Queen, Beatles, Rolling Stones and Blues Brother (who’s that?) tribute bands. Not the real deal but the crowds loved them!


our Favourite rock duo, Sarah and Alvin from 53A who hopped off the stage to say HIIII to us.


so in between bands, the DJs from 913 was entertaining the crowd with silly games like the first one to piggyback someone else gets to win beer vouchers. or Aaron is practicing for the day when he has to carry me across the threshold into the marriage sedan because he’s Bryan’s best man. While Bryan had to take a picture of himself lying down. most people would lie down on their backs but of course this gifted child used his brain differently.


this is me at the start of Beerfest, look fresh and not ready to punch anyone. towards the end of the night, when the tent was packed with smelly sweaty drunks, a fight broke out at the table next to ours. some drunk white chick must have annoyed the shit out of this chinese couple coz the chinese boyfriend was shouting at her. in retaliation, she poured her beer all over them. his face turned so red I thought he was about to explode. so he threw his beer bottle at her, missed, and hit her friends. He almost threw himself at her when her boyfriend grabbed her and tore her away while his girlfriend stood up and tried to push him back. another white chick, less drunk, came in between them and used her body to keep them apart. What I would give to see them actually beat the crap outta one another.


Bryan’s best friends.


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