Inspired: Goood pet collars

While discovering Haji Lane, we wandered into Dulcetfig, a shop that sells a mix of vintage dresses, jewelry and handcrafts. This lovely shop is made lovelier by the 2 orange cats that rule the place. One sat royally on the shop counter while the other guarded the front door, not allowing anyone out of the shop. They were both wearing collars made by Goood Pet Collars. Each collar is $20 and for every purchase, they will donate 5 food cans to Pets Villa. A worthy cause, I believe! More designs here.

We chose a pink bow!


A moment of terror as Fido goes WTFERY!


but he took to the collar (and the pink bow) rather gentlemanly.


I’m too sexy for my collar. too sexy for my collar. so sexy it hurtttsss.



  1. What about Grey??

    1. Grey will rip my fingernails out O.O

    1. yea i know when i saw the website. but there were only 2 there that day. either that or the 3rd one was hiding behind the clothes.

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