Couplehood: The Perfect One

My colleague was relating this story to me. She was speaking to her friend who was having doubts about marriage and asked my colleague how did she know her husband was The One.

My colleague looked at her funnily and said that she didn’t believe in The One. There is no One person out there who is Perfect for you. The nature of human beings is such that, no matter how seemingly perfect the guy may be, there is always some imperfection you will find in him. Take your friends as an example. If you were to look at every single one of your 100 friends, there is at least one thing about each and every one of them that is imperfect, something that annoys you. so if that’s true of your friends, it’s true of any guy out there in the world. it’s a matter of what you choose to tolerate or not. if you can tolerate that imperfection of your friend, you can tolerate that imperfection of your guy. She added that it’s the same for the guy, as he has to tolerate your imperfections too.

Upon hearing this, I thought this was the best explanation of The Imperfect One. Her analogy was spot on. Of all the friends I have, every single one of them as an imperfection. Even the friend I like the most, has a small imperfection (one is damn grouchy, the other has a punctuality problem. You know who you are!) but it’s really up to me to decide how much of that person’s imperfection I choose to endure. As for Bryan, he’s a bundle of imperfections as I am to him. but despite all that, I think he’s the best person suited for me. especially if I can live with his idiosyncrasies such as this:



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