Good Food West: Lao Ba Ye Hokkien Mee

Bryan and I were driving home when my tummy growled. he asked me what i wanted for dinner and I said anything with rice. nasi padang. nasi lemak. zi char. he thought for a bit and said, “how about we eat the fried hokkien noodles at West Coast?” this is called a lesson in not listening.

so along West Coast road we turned into Ayer Rajah Hawker centre, which serves a great variety of muslim food, due to the mosque right next door. tucked among all the halal stalls is this teeny Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee stall. Bryan wasn’t sure if it’s the same one he ate years ago but it served its noodles the same way he remembered: wrapped with palm leaf after left to simmer under a wooden lid for a couple of minutes. in fact, i didn’t see the stall owner stir fry anything at all. she mostly stood there looking rather contemplative, before lifting this large wooden lid from the wok and scooping out the noodles. I’m not sure what sort of new frying technique it was.


the noodles came with a generous serving of gravy, which makes this one of the “wettest” fried hokkien mee i’ve ever eaten. most people would find this good, but it has a slightly sweet taste that I don’t favour. If you like the prawn noodle soup at Zion hawker centre, it’s the same sweet taste i’m trying to describe. personally i prefer the dry fried version of Hokkien mee which is rather rare these days. anyone knows of a stall that does it that style, give a shout out!


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