Weekend wrap-up: Happy Birthday Michelle!

We celebrated Michelle’s birthday at Brussels Sprouts (Playground at Big Splash, East Coast Park) over the weekend. She likes to hang out there because it’s a really relaxing place with good food and a small play area for kids. She can leave her kids at the field in front of the restaurant while she and her husband have a relaxing weekend lunch. Note to self, don’t go during lunch time.

Facing the sea, it’s a little building surrounded by greens.


Play area by the sea


I asked for cider and the nice waiter recommended the list of fruit beers available instead. They had beers of all flavours; apple, peach, honey, raspberry, and my favourite apricot. I love this place already. Finally, a girly beer that doesn’t taste like a sweaty man.


Brussels sprouts serves Belgian fare, which I like since my first and only visit to a Belgian restaurant in London. Belgian fare to me consists of duck confit, mussels and beer. I’m not a fan of mussels but I don’t mind a pot of Vin Blanc Clams, cooked liberally with white wine. The 4 of us tucked into the pot with such gusto.


2 hours later, we decided we didn’t have enough shellfish so we ordered Mariniere mussels (cream based) and Devilled mussels. The former tasted like cream of mussels soup while the latter was so hot my ears were burning. all mussels and clams come with free flow of fries.


There were other things too. the Lamb Tenderloin with Grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Baby Potatoes was not bad although I found it a tad salty. the Duck Confit with Kriek Beer and Griottes Cherries (above) was so good. it was tasty, crispy on the outside with a thin layer of tasty fat under it and the meat was soft and succulent. not dry as duck would tend to be. served with a cherry-flavoured sauce. a must order at Brussels. we also ordered a Crab Parmentier: Baked Crab meat, Zucchini, Asparagus in Buttered Mash Potatoes which is like crab shepard’s pie but I found it a little dry.


Their desserts were okay. Banana Crepe with Butterscotch and Vanilla Ice Cream = yes, Chocolate Fondant = I don’t like chocolate, and Smoutebollen: The Belgian version of Doughnuts (pictured). I wasn’t very impressed with the doughnuts coz it had a strange bitter aftertaste.


Beer and clams. the best way to celebrate a girls’ night out. The picture looked like a clam fatality count.



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