Lunch without make-up: La Nonna (Holland Village)

It was lazy lunch time so a quick google search brought us to La Nonna at Holland Village (they have an outlet at Namly Place too). La Nonna is an italian restaurant that prides itself in serving hearty homemade italian food from grandma’s recipes. The restaurant must have been around for years but I never noticed it, since it’s tucked inconspicuously between loud bars and serene spas. What drew us to the place was their lunch time specials. During weekdays, they serve a 3 course set lunch or 50% off ala carte items.

Soup of the week was cream of pumpkin soup. I love pumpkin soup ever since I had it during Christmas dinner at a friend’s house. La Nonna’s soup was a generous serving, good for 2 people. it’s creamy without being sickeningly so and is rather tasty although it lacks a little something to it. still yum though.

The other appetiser we couldn’t resist was the bacon wrapped mozerella cheese. this meets bryan’s list of Bacon wrapped anything. if he had a list of bacon wrapped food to conquer, this would be somewhere on the top. the bacon was lightly cooked so it’s still soft and juicy. tucked inside was the chewy mozerella which hasn’t hardened yet so it was very good. served with a light salad lightly covered with balsamic vinegar.

As usual, Bryan picked a pizza – La nonna’s signature pizza. it’s really margharita pizza (cheese + tomato, no meat) with leeks and an egg. what made this so special is the truffles they sprinkled all over. very yummy. i took 2 bites even though i was stuffed from my pasta.

crab meat linguine in tomato sauce. this was a tad bit disappointing. the good thing is that the tomato flavour wasn’t too overpowering (i hate that) but there wasn’t enough crab bits or crab flavour to make it perfect. I kept thinking of the crab meat pasta that Big D’s used to serve, but that one was more fusion style since it was cooked with spices.

the total bill for 2 was $60. quite a good deal if you asked me!



  1. I once overheard two indignant aunties outside this restaurant: “How can they call it La Nyonya? There’s NOTHING NYONYA on the menu!!!”

    1. HHAHAAHAHAH that was hilarious la! I can imagine them demanding an explanation from the waiters for this atrocity. reminds me of the silly questions we get sometimes from “the public”.

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