Weekend wrap-up: SMAC (Tinymich edition)

In this month’s SMAC (Single Malt & Cigar Club), Tinymich makes a guest appearance as she returns from I dunno where to Singapore for a visit. Held at Germaine’s place (thank you for hosting again), it was a rather loud affair because there were more people than usual and everyone was talking at once. As James put it, there was a cloud of conversation floating over the dining table that we had to shout over to get to the other side.

many jokes were made over Angie’s hovering hand over Christine’s left boob. which upon posting I realised was cut off by wordpress. hmm, css censorship?


the boys


my 2 favourite people.


I cannot stop laughing at this one.


orange cat.


what was hilarious was the awkward position Angie was in to get this imperfect picture.


the best gossip is found in the balcony




makes me wonder what happened outside of this picture.


Aaron should make a living singing Gong Hei Lei


This is our married life 5 years from now….


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