Reading: re-visiting George R R Martin

I read George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series eons ago when I was a kid. Out of the many fantasy novels I used to consume voraciously, his books became one of my favourites because of the complex world he built and the plot sat heavily on war and politics. Fantasy novels falls within a few sub-genres; magic, dragons, politics, war and such. However, after the first 4 books, George Martin stopped the series totally and went off to do something else. I went from waiting anxiously, to disappointment to giving it up totally. this man is never going to continue the series, which is one of the risks you take when reading a fantasy series. They either give up, or die on you (by way of Robert Jordan). So when HBO decided to produce a TV series based on this series, I had really mixed feelings about it. I would love to watch the show but it could go either way; really good depiction the way Harry Potter movies have been, or a really bad TV adaptation of Terry Goodkind’s Legend of the Seeker. The people they cast in the various roles were so different from what I imagined I hated the show. Hopefully George Martin’s series won’t disappoint.


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