For the love of soup!



it is by sheer chance that we discovered this soup stall Soup Master 老火汤 at Funan IT mall. It was on a hunt for a document scanner that we decided to eat at the food court Food Junction at Funan. There I spotted a stall selling double boiled soup in large vats. The stall owner very nicely offered us a sampling of his soups and we picked the pear and apple double boiled soup. it’s savoury with a slight sweetness to it and it’s VERY VERY yummy. seeing that we were sharing a bowl of soup, the owner gave us another half bowl more soup at no extra charge. i’m in love with this stall already.


I LOVE double boiled soups and I have to thank my mom’s Cantonese heritage for introducing me to the love of soups. my favourites range from watercress soup, old cucumber soup, chicken claw with black bean soup, lotus root soup and now, pear and apple soup. If I could drink soup every day, I would be the happiest person on earth.

Soup master can also be found at Gourmet Paradise @ Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Food Junction at Next Serangoon, Bishan Junction 8 food court, Marina Square food court and Bugis Junction food court.



  1. conejito · · Reply

    Ahhh burburchan. I obviously missed your notice on LJ about moving here, but google returned your review of Papa Palheta. I had been looking for it cos I was just there yesterday. Then I started going through your posts, and I was at this same Soup Master thing last Friday, and I’ve been at the Casuarina@Macpherson a bit too much these days (my office is in the industrial estate hell there hehe). By the way, the guy did the same uncomprehending look when my friend asked for iced teh tarik, a few days after its opening….

    Sorry, completely worthless comment, but I’m just happy to see everything’s well with you two!!

    1. hehe google brings lost friends together i guess! I assumed you were in Malaysia. so you’re back here for good now?

      1. conejito · ·

        Yeah, I’m trying to do my own thing now, and so I’ve got this tiny office here in Singapore for the moment. Meanwhile, I teach Latin and ancient Greek on weekends! Which was why I was at the Papa place; but not at the cafe, which was where you were right? I was at their original “tasting bar”.

      2. what own thing are you doing? where’s your tiny office? wa greek! where?
        i was at the other one, not the taste bar. i like being able to sit and read while sipping coffee but it’s getting ridiculously crowded nowadays due to the publicity it’s been getting. great for business, not so much for preserving the mood of the place.

  2. Soup Master @ Funan · · Reply


    We’re glad to know that you enjoyed our soup at our Funan outlet and also had a great experience. We try our best to make our customers happy so we’re happy to give out a little more soup if it will bring you back 🙂

    Just to let you know also that not all Soup Master outlets are operated by the same company, so there may be some difference in taste, types of soups and promotions at the various outlets. (This also means that not all outlets has free tasting and gives extra soup!) We currently have 3 outlets – Funan, Raffles City and Downtown East.

    Thank you once again for your support and we look forward for your continued patronage. Drink more soup and stay healthy!

    p/s: If you’re on Facebook, do like our page to stay updated with our latest news and promotions! (search for Soup Master 老火汤)

    Yours sincerely,
    The Management Team
    Soup Master @ Funan
    Wee Sheng F&B LLP

    1. Thanks for your comment! I really love the soup you serve. I’m glad someone came up with this coz I prefer chinese soups to “ang moh” types like those served at Soup Spoon.
      we figured out that it might be owned by different chains when we were at the Marina Square food court outlet and the yam rice didn’t taste anything like the Funan one. The soup still tasted the same though, which was a good thing!

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