Weekend of Farewells

It was a week of farewells to old and new friends.

Chris is Bryan’s colleague from work, also his BFF of sorts. He is Bryan’s comrade in monkeying around the office. When Bryan got a toy helicopter, Chris got one too so they both flew their helicopters around the office terrorizing everyone else.

Chris was in Singapore for a 1.5 year teaching contract which had just ended and he’s now back in UK for a break before heading to Kazakhstan for another teaching contract. with him is his newly-minted fiancee Sarah who is really quite sweet and patient with Chris’ rubbish. I don’t know how she handles it, Bryan’s antics drives me insane.

I’ve never seen Chris serious before and I don’t think he can ever be serious. I’ll sure miss having him around.

After sending Chris off at the airport, we zipped down to Weichi’s farewell dinner party at Samy’s curry, which I unfortunately missed since I love south indian curry. Weichi’s off for a 2 year stint in Beijing. I will miss her sharp wit.

I suddenly have a craving for mango lassi.

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