Food: Prata Appreciation Party

We had a prata party at Casuarina Curry @ Macpherson to celebrate Ernest’s birthday. It is a new concept that they were trying out on us and we were happy to be their guinea pigs. Casuarina Curry is situated along the row of shophouses and private houses opposite the industrial estate. the place was kinda quiet despite prata joints usually the venue of choice for dinners and late night suppers. However it was the perfect place for our prata party.

for about $15 per person, you get a free flow of their non-meat pratas on the menu (the first column) which run anywhere from simple kosong (nothing) prata to a double plasta with egg, cheese and onion. Teh tariks (foam tea) is also part of the buffet too. since the birthday boy was late, we all decided to eat first. Bryan ate like 4 pratas in one sitting. When we made our 2nd order of drinks, one of the girls asked if they had iced teh tarik. the look on the guy’s face was priceless. he was trying to stay expressionless but I could see the twitch in his face that went “the fuck…? you’re asking if we have ice?”

Tummies full, we headed to the prep table set at the back of the restaurant. the prata chef rolled out his dough and demonstrated how prata flipping should be done. he should us how we should position our fingers and hands before flipping it. Bryan did a pretty good job, so good that they asked him to come back to work on weekends.

I on the other hand, failed miserably.

As you can tell, the prata chef was laughing at my tomfoolery. we should have done a dough flip-off; he do his prata while I show him how the chinese la mian (pulled noodles) is done. which looked like what my prata was turning into.

after everyone had their hand in prata flipping, they demonstrated how to make teh tarik. Teh tarik is actually tea with condensed milk, where the tea is poured from a high point so that when it lands in the second container, it forms a frothy foam. the pulling action means tarik. hence teh tarik is pulled tea in malay. it’s a good thing that they laid out plastic sheets on the ground coz by the end of the night, half the tea in the container was on the floor.

Ezekiel, Ernest’s kid, was given a chance to try teh tarik but using cool water. he’s so cute!

Bryan can’t seem to tarik teh with his mouth closed.

We had cake but since Ezekiel had a cough, he wasn’t allowed to blow the candle while it was on the cake. so we took out the candle, lit it a few times and let him have a go at the candle.

Leaving it to the professionals.

if you wish to have a prata party, feel free to contact them at their facebook page (linked above) or email them at



  1. germaine · · Reply

    I *love* Casuarina Curry! I’d do this just for the free flow prata hur hur.

    1. haha you should check it out. it’s limited to their non-meat prata though but it’s still good enough!

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        Suits me fine; I only eat non-meat ones usually 🙂

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