Yoshimi meets Bryan

When I first started driving, it was rather stressful. not because of the crazy Singapore roads with the million crazy drivers, but because Bryan was sitting next to me in the passenger seat.

With 10 years of riding his bike, he had loads of road experience. so not only was he a passenger seat driver, telling me when to change lane or not (which was rather dangerous actually), he was also criticising half the things I was doing. truth be told, I was very annoyed at the start because I had picked up driving again after years of not driving, and I thought he was unfairly picking on me when it was only my first week of driving. actually I got pretty mad at him.

added to that were some of the strangest comments he made. like when I said I couldn’t see the rear view mirror clearly coz his arm was blocking the view, and he was surprised that I was actually using it. Made me wonder what he thought the mirror was for.

He had been taking driving lessons for the past few months and it was pretty much a breeze for him, considering he already had road experience, all he had to learn was how to handle a car, and to watch the roads as a car’s perspective is a lot different from a bike’s. I think it was only when he started learning that he realised that fact, and started criticising my driving less. of course it’s also because my driving improved loads. so the boy managed to pass on his first try with 18 demerit points. Since I already have a P plate in my car, we had a little ceremony in Vivocity’s car park where he drove the car for the first time.

Here he is adjusting the seat, mirrors and the steering wheel. I think our next car should be one that comes with presets.

bryan decided to drive the car with all the doors open.

He was slow and careful as he inched out of the lot, through the carpark and out of the exit. so careful we were going at 20km/hr along the road. as he turned out onto the main road, I fidgeted coz he was going so slowly but I was trying very hard not to do a Bryan, so I kept quiet.

but he did pretty well, getting her home in one piece, never mind that he got trapped in a traffic jam on the expressway I told him not to enter. He did in 2 days all the newbie things I did in 2 weeks; leaving the signal on after he’s turned or changed lanes, parking slanted, leaving the headlights on, even driving the back bumper onto the curb when parking. I remember the one time i did it, he kept going on and on as if I had kicked a kitten. This time I could have scolded him too but frankly, that’s what bumpers are for. the most amazing thing was when he forgot to turn off the headlights and Yoshimi beeped loud and long as a warning but he didn’t pay it any heed and got out of the car. I guess if we installed a fire alarm and sprinklers, it wouldn’t have made a difference any way.

One good thing about this whole thing is that I can now nap in the car when he’s driving.



  1. Lol he looks too big for the car!! Yr next car just has to be bigger…

    Oh u shld get a Renault the headlights turn on and off automatically 🙂

    1. the car also needs to lock itself the minute we start to drive it. we keep forgetting to lock!

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        Mine auto-locks after the engine’s been turned off for a while!

      2. i thought mine does that so i tried hovering around it to see if it works but i’ve less patience than the lock. lock 1 – burbur 0

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