Crab and Durian buffet

Sentosa’s inaugural Crab & Durian buffet was held at the Sentosa Boardwalk.I grabbed a bunch of durian and crab lovers down and we had a grand feast.

There was a wide variety of crabs available, the main flavours being chili crab, spicy crab (sambal), black pepper crab, salted egg crab and alaskan crab. there were also other manners of seafood such as cray fish, oysters, prawns and raw salmon. for those who don’t like seafood, they had misceallaneous roasts available although I’m not sure why anyone bothered. it’s called crab and durian buffet, not waste your stomach space on other things buffet.


I’m not a fan of durians but half the table were. the line for the durians was so long it took one of us a good 40 minutes of queueing before he got his plate of D24 and D12 and whatever, because the durians were opened on the spot by a durian seller. according to the fans, the durians were really good and worth the wait. I’m glad that they took the queueing in stride and didn’t complain about it.

It was surprisingly breezy at the boardwalk so it was a great place to have dinner with friends. halfway through our meal, the crane dance started at Resorts World and Eugene shrieked, “it’s the CRAB OPENING THE DURIAN DANCE!”

of course with Angie around, we had to take a million photos. or rather pretend we weren’t taking photos while we ate. which we kinda failed to do coz we’re bad actors.

Photos belong to Angelia



  1. gohfigure · · Reply

    the most waste time of all was the chao fan. i think they didn’t even have to top up once. and it was almost still full at the end.

    1. the most surprising bit was people queuing up for the salads and things like that. dive deep into the crabs man!

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