Pink Dot 2011

It’s Pink Dot again at Hong Lim Park, celebrating sexual equality! This is our 3rd year at the event all decked out in pink! This time round the group is missing YH as he was flying back from Melbourne, but the overall turnout for the event was bigger than ever, 10,000 people! every year it’s sweaty and hot, this year it’s sweaty, hot and crowded!

Every year we park ourselves in the same spot, Yvonne managed to find us again.

They were giving out pink umbrellas so that we can open it for the finale to form a huge pink dot for the camera in the sky. Aidan was playing with the plastic sheet that encased the umbrella, innocently sliding it up and down rapidly in a rather suggestive move until Angie grabbed it and told him to stop it!

we should really co-ordinate our expressions.

Richard apparently missed out on the memo.

Germaine’s very lovely basket of pink yummies. 100 points for effort!!

my favourite tag team.

dim sum dollies

Flowers of the ball.

ANIMAAAALLL supports pink love.

The other best bit about Pink dot are the dogs that join in.

A rather deflated, but still smiling, pink dot.


and IGNORANCE with pink love and post-its!

by the end of the event, it was so humid I wanted to kill someone already.


pictures courtesy of Angelia and Bryan.


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