Dragonage 2: It’s BOOBIES time

my boss asked what’s my hobby and i couldn’t think of one. I used to say “gaming” but even then I’ve not been playing any game for some time, other than standing around in co-op Portal 2 being ordered around by Bryan while he solved the puzzle and I just become the robot that sits on whichever button he needs being sat on.

So I went back to Dragonage 2 which I started months ago when it first came out but I kinda stopped for a bit coz I got frustrated at one particular boss. Here are some screenshots:

the start of the game throws you right into battle which is kinda different from most RPG games where you take time to create the look of your character.

however that first part was just a lead up to a flash back to the hero of the story i.e. your character so you do go back to Create Your Character screen.

so i spent some time trying to make my character look different but after playing around with the shape of her eyebrows, I soon got bored and just rushed through the options. anyway this time round I’m picking something that looks pretty.

even grandma has boobies.

this time I decided to play a rogue coz I like the dual-weapon action, a far cry from my usual spell caster RPGs.

like the previous game, you can take some time to get to know your characters a little more… intimately.

okay i’m tired of shouting BOOBIES but you get my point. I wonder if there’s ever a game where flat-chested women are prized.

I’ve only just completed Act 1 of the game. onto Act 2!


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