Where’s Fido

I usually check on the cats when I’m home, because Grey has a tendency to slip out unnoticed if the front door opens and after it happened the first time, I now check to make sure he’s in the house before I go to sleep. I will look for the cats at their usual spots. Last night, after scanning the living room, I couldn’t find the cats until I lifted the curtain and hear Grey’s usual HISSSSS of disapproval. Reassured that he’s okay, I went in search of Fido.

Fido, unlike Grey, is curious of the Outside, yet scared of it too. Whenever the front door opens, he will creep towards it cautiously and eye it curiously. If you were to try and push him towards the Outside, he will run scared stiff back into the safety of the house. This is why I rarely worry about him running away. However I couldn’t find Fido at all yesterday. He wasn’t behind the curtain, nor hiding in the litter box, nor his usual spot outside our bedroom door. I walked around the house calling out for him but he didn’t respond. Worried, I told Bryan to look for his cat. He came out of the bedroom calling out to him, and immediately started snickering. He pointed behind the TV and said there Fido is. I peered blindly at the black spot but realized it’s not the shape of a cat. I looked at Bryan suspiciously, wondering what he’s up to.

I caught him glancing to the side cupboard and when I looked, I found Fido was sitting there among the books and things, doing a Where’s Wally. He had been lounging there silently watching me while I walked around the apartment like an idiot, calling out for him. When Bryan came out of the room, he immediately spotted Fido who looked at him. Bryan put a finger to his lips and winked at Fido, while pointing at the TV. Fido looked at me as I squinted quizzically at the TV. Then Fido looked at Bryan when he started snickering. I think the cat must have been confused as to what’s going on. When I finally found Fido and shrieked his name, he marr? at me curiously. I scolded the cat for keeping silent all this while, making me worry and walk around the house for nothing and Fido marr? at me again. Stupid cat!


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