The Missing Journal

Does anyone recognise this?

About 10 years ago, I came across a journalling project called 1000journals. The project was started by 1 man who wondered what would happen if you send a journal around the world, who would receive it, what would they do with it, and what would come out of it. 1000 journals traveled the world through mail, via friends and back out into the world again. this produced the most amazing artwork and connected total strangers through a common love for journalling.

Each journal had a list of applicants, where the first person who got it could work on it, let his friends work on it, before sending it to the next person. in the event it got lost in the wild, finders are encouraged to check out the website, find the list through the journal number, and send it to the next person. I signed up on one and waited but I never got it. So I decided to start my own among my friends from Livejournal.

The journal travelled a few friends before it disappeared forever. I distinctively remembered it passing onto one livejournal user Cheshirefeline, who suggested passing it among his NUS friends before passing it back to me. However the journal disappeared after that.

until TEN YEARS LATER, when dear Bryan, also known to many as Cheshirefeline, was spring cleaning his shelves when he dug out a dusty blue bound journal. he burst out laughing and showed it to me, GUESS WHAT I FOUND!

when I realised what it was, I started shouting at him. all these years i’ve wondered what really happened to my journal, thinking he had passed it among his university mates and it getting lost when all this while it was sitting in his damn bedroom.

my contribution.

my contribution, i think it’s about my love for dance music.

Megan Augustin’s contribution.

Amizadai’s contribution.

macbart’s contribution.

Eugene Goh’s contribution

and then it landed on Bryan’s lap and HE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO IT EXCEPT LET IT COLLECT DUST! or perhaps dust was his contribution to the journal. it also made me wonder, if we never started dating, got engaged, and he never gotten coerced by me to clean his room coz I cannot stand the mess anymore, would we have found the book again.

Now that I’ve the journal back in my hands again, I might just start journalling again. I’m looking for anyone who might want to contribute to the journal, be it in writing, pictures or media of any sort. Jo Ann? Adele, your ninja loving daughter perhaps?



  1. I remember this! I think I was supposed to get it after Bryan! Hahahahaha!

    1. YA! coz you were one of his NUS friends. at this rate EVERYONE is supposed to get after him pfft! you still want? you and V can draw hearts all over the place.

      1. marajaded · ·

        *gags* HAHAHAHAH…

        I ALSO DON MIND!! but i’m not very artistic but i can draw WU KUEH (turtles!) heh

      2. HAHHA onz la i pass you… somehow. sometime. i’m afraid if i pass to AA to pass to you, he might lose it.

  2. Penguin · · Reply


    1. OF COURSE!!! YOU MUST DO MORE THAN 1 PAGE!! i will pass you when i next meet you!

  3. gohfigure · · Reply

    my handwriting is fugalicious…

    1. haha has it improved in 10 years? I think my handwriting has gone to shit since school.

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