Fido: the needy cat

Fido, according to Bryan since I’m no authority on cats, is an unusually needy cat. Most cats are aloof and prefer to be left alone. Fido is a dog incarnate. When he’s not sitting on a shelf pretending to be a cat, much like Eddie Murphy pretending to be human in Meet Dave, he following you around the house like a loyal dog. While some cats don’t like to be ignored but still avoid the human touch (read: not the same as “wanting attention”), Fido BEGS for attention.

His favourite thing to do now is to annoy his favourite person, namely me. He knows he’s not allowed into the bedroom coz I’m allergic to cat hair/fur/dead skin, but he knows if he maos pathetically enough, my heart will soften and I’ll let him in, accompanied with a symphony of sneezes thereafter (the things we do for love). so we inevitably taught him a bad habit: Mao until door opens.

so for the past few weeks, the stupid cat will sit outside the bedroom door and mao. it’s not a one-mao. it’s more like a string of mao-mao-mao-mao-mao-mao-mao *pause to breathe* mao-mao-mao-mao-mao. can someone tell me if that’s normal? I try to ignore him but it goes on and like a crying baby, you can only ignore it for that long.

So I open the door and this is what I see, Look of Dejection. in one expression, Fido says (1) Y U NO OPEN DOOR (2) I CANZ COME IN? (3) I AM CUTE LET ME IN!

sometimes he maos in the middle of the night. he’s like the annoying friend who sends text messages at 3am. when that happens, I don’t bother even looking at him. I just open the door a bit, show him the spray bottle and he runs off. mao-ing stops for a few hours before it begins again.

Fido spends so much time at this door way that he has developed an affection for it.

The thin white line that divides Outside and Inside. this line defines Fido’s entire existence.

His mortal enemy, the spray bottle. Bryan has trained Fido to be afraid of the spray bottle because he used to have a bad habit of clawing / banging the door until it opens. so while Bryan can sleep through mao-ing, he cannot sleep through the banging. So Bryan introduced the spray bottle to Fido. it’s just plain water inside but the shock of water on one’s face is enough to stop one from clawing the door. Now all I have to do is show him the bottle without even spraying anything and he stops his nonsense. Once I tried banging the bottle without opening the door but it didn’t work. he still needs to see it hovering over him before he darts away.

he has since learnt a new trick which I discovered just a few days ago. as usual, he waits till everyone is asleep when he decides to do his Symphony No. Mao. i woke up disgruntled, grabbed the spray bottle and opened the door. Except that I didn’t see Fido at all. I looked into the hall way and realised the cat had placed himself 5 feet away from the door, way out of spray bottle’s reach. I laid there half hanging out of bed glaring at the cat who’s probably all smug at having outwitted the dumb human being.


Since I refused to let him in during this photo shoot, he decided to protest by planting his fat ass across the door way. a very unflattering shot to be shared on the Internet but that’s what you get for waking me up in the middle of the night.



  1. germaine · · Reply

    Bob also does that mao symphony thing. It’s bloody irritating. He does it to get fed, not to come in, even when it’s clearly not time for noms yet.

  2. HAHAHA have you found a way to shut him up yet?
    Fido did the cutest thing. the door was ajar so he stood there, poked his nose in and marr? at me. i said no! then nudged the door so the gap is smaller. he waited 2 secs before using his paw to nudge it open, before going marr? again. he knew he’s not supposed to come in so he sit there and marr? until he gets invited in.

    1. germaine · · Reply

      I must say Fido is quite smart…

      Bob can only be shut up by feeding. Graggghhh. Sometimes he continues maoing after being fed, because he wants to sleep on my MIL’s bed. So she has to let him in, whereupon he lies right down the middle happily and leaves her a tiny corner.

  3. he’s such a bully! Fido knows he’s not allowed on the bed. I threw a fit the other time he jumped on when Bry dozed off.

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