Fried mee & kwey teow @ Pasir Panjang Hawker Centre

Found out from ieatishootipost that there’s a pretty good fried hokkien mee near my office at Pasir Panjang hawker centre, and it was closing down soon after 30 years of non-stop frying. called Seng Huat Hokkien Mee, its owners were planning to retire so i had to check it out.

I’m on the hunt for good hokkien mee, ever since the one I ate as a kid closed. it was a corner stall at a coffee shop along Prinsep street. it sold the best hokkien mee in my opinion, the dry sort which uses more bee hoon than the yellow egg noodles. We would ta pao a packet every week after my piano lessons at Plaza Singapura, to the point where the hawker would fry up a packet just before my dad pulled up in his car. I’d hop out with the money in hand, run up to the hawker, swapped the money for the noodles, and run back to the car. I ate that for many years until I stopped piano lessons. Now i cannot stop thinking about where the hawker went.

Back to Seng Huat hokkien mee, I coerced my colleagues into going there for lunch. They ordered an extra serving of deep fried pork lard sprinkled over it. Overall it tasted okay but the taste of the yellow egg noodles was slightly overpowering, such that I can barely taste the prawn taste that usually accompanies fried hokkien mee.

a few stalls down is a pretty good fried kwey teow called Heng Huat. there are 2 outstanding things about this stall; the first is that the kwey teow is fried with a generous serving of vegetables, as you can see in the picture, so much that you can’t see the kwey teow! it’s the healthiest fried oily kwey teow i’ve ever eaten! the second is that the hawker is armed with a whistle. when he’s done with your dish, he will blow on his whistle several times. if he’s pointing at you, that’s your kwey teow you’re supposed to pick up. the fried kwey teow comes with a lightly charred flavour which makes it a little different from the one at Zion where the taste of black sauce is heavier.

Although recently renovated, Pasir Panjang hawker centre has a dismal feel to it. could be the many closed stalls during lunch, which might be open for dinner I don’t know. It could also be the other stalls that are closed for good, available for rent. the hawker centre is set in the middle of nowhere. there is some lunch crowd from people working nearby at Alexander area. they just completed the mrt station right outside of it but even i wonder why would they build a station in the middle of almost nowhere. hopefully the fried kwey teow doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon!


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