Box n Sticks

My boss recently picked up road cycling as a hobby. While I have no interest in cycling, his stories of falling over while practicing in the safety of his driveway is often amusing. that and the food places his cycling takes him to. His cycling buddies often take him to new places to eat in between all that peddling. This week’s recommendations speaks Japanese.

Box n sticks is a little cafe at 14 Aliwal Street serving simple Japanese fare. it’s white, has arty farty graffiti like designs and has both indoor and outdoor seating, although if you were to head down during lunch time, outdoor sitting really isn’t a wise choice. their lunch set menu is simply any main course and with a top-up of $3-something, you get a choice of soup, salad, edamame beans, and tofu. nothing really exciting so we went for the ala carte menu instead.

Spicy Spider Maki is really deep fried soft shell crab sushi. covered with chili powder, it is somewhat spicy (no wasabi I could taste) but it has a strange sourish taste to it, like they put too much vinegar. I love eating chirashi don because of the vinegar rice they used but this maki tasted like they used poor man’s maki. or it could be the fact that the rice was WARM so the heat might have turned the vinegar… more sour. I’ve never eaten warm sushi before so this was an interesting experience.


The recommended dish is the carbonara. it comes with a generous serving of bacon pieces and a raw egg, which you break over the pasta. this is very tasty and I’d recommend it. the cream sauce isn’t too much although the dish is a little oilier than carbonaras usually are.


we also ordered a couple of side dishes such as pork belly yakitori (above), which is not done very well as it came out very dry and tough, very much unlike what pork belly is supposed to be. at the top left corner of the picture is bacon mochi, yet another bad choice of the day. there was more mochi than bacon and chewing cooked mochi practically cuts off all conversation. it is also very filling and after finishing an entire stick of 3 pieces, I was ready to barf. perhaps it’s the combination of vinegar rice, oily (but tasty) carbonara and expanding mochi that did the trick.

Not impressed by their yakitori but their pastas seems safe enough.

Parking can be found anywhere along the roads although it’s mostly parallel parking. there are 2 outdoor car park lots (reverse parking) but if you want to avoid the hassle of circling car parks or embarrassing yourself by attempting to parallel park, you can park across the road at Keypoint centre.


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