Blueprint Emporium // Fosters Devonshire Afternoon Tea

Decided to pop by Blueprint Emporium since it was opened to public. Bib’s sister, Gilda had a booth there under Revasseur which means “daydream” in French. She had graduated from Parsons and this is one of her many shows. Also popped by to say hello to Yilin who also was part of the show. Ong Shunmugam was there too so I finally put on the red lace cheongsam I’ve been eyeing for the longest time. It fitted REALLY well. I actually looked like I had a figure in that thing, Of course I had to suck in my tummy and hold it there while i posed for pictures. everyone said it fitted very well on me, but too well I thought coz I couldn’t sit as it’s rather tight around the hips and as my butt stuck out over the chair (the designer was teaching me how to sit in a cheongsam) as the cloth dragged over my arse, it pulled at the collar on my throat and I almost choked myself. imagine death by cheongsam. the retail price was $488 but I wasn’t sure coz I didn’t know whether to go for a traditional look or something funky. My mom was definitely not going to wear a cheongsam coz she doesn’t want to dress her age.

There were a lot of designers at the show, ranging from the whimsical to practical. however as designer clothes go, even the ready-to-wear pieces had that typical “designer” look, asymmetrical cuts with excess cloth tucked somewhere. There were some notable pieces but if I weren’t saving for a house, I would have bought them. to dress for the event, i dug out a $20 dress I got from Bangkok and I think i fit right in. my neckline was slanted and the dress had a bulbous base.

We headed to Fosters for Devonshire Afternoon Tea ($12.35 after tax). i’d been hankering for english tea for 2 weeks and Hyatt’s tea was strangely unavailable for Sunday afternoon so we decided to try this out. each set comes with a pot of tea (or a cup of coffee) 2 mini sandwiches (one ham, one tomato), 1 slice of fruit cake which was surprisingly not disgustingly sweet, and 2 scones, with a serving of butter, cream and jam. I thought it wasn’t enough for tea but midway through the 1st scone I was slowing down already. the scones were sweet, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. great value for money for those who don’t have a tummy for buffets.


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