Lunch without make-up: Peperoni Pizzeria

We heard about Pepperoni Pizzeria from Eugene & Tricia, who went there and spotted their famous 50″ pizza and immediately thought of Bryan. Of course that got Bryan really excited and he’s been bugging me from day 1 to make a trip to Greenwood Avenue.

Of course we didn’t order the 50″ but we did get a pizza. Bryan was so fixated on the pizza menu that he didn’t even check out the mains till he looked around and realised what other tables were having.

They had half & half, so we got half parma ham pizza (left) and ham & mushroom pizza (right). Bryan would have loved seafood pasta but I always thought squid on baked bread a little strange. this is one of the better pizzas i’ve ever eaten. the crust is thin and tasty. I didn’t taste any tomato sauce that most run-of-the-mill pizza chains always use too much of.

we skipped the pasta for my favourite parmigiana, baked eggplant and tomato slices melted against one another mmm.

we finished the meal with creme brulee. I like this place coz it’s tucked in a quiet corner of a residential estate. it’s hard to get to if you don’t drive and there isn’t a lot of parking. we were lucky coz we got there at 3pm when most of the lunch time crowd has gone home. the peace of the neighbourhood was intermittently broken by wankers in big cars, like these blonde bitches who sat on their horn because the cab in front of their SUV couldn’t get out of a turn as his vehicle was blocked by another car. or this other SUV who chose to honk rather than slow down at a car which was just finishing its turn out of his lane. then there was this lime green ferrari which couldn’t complete her U-turn without turning it into a multiple point turn, which later turned out to be a man who couldn’t afford a haircut.

The other thing to look out for is that the iced water and extra ice cost about $100 and $150 respectively, says so on the menu. The service was alright considering it wasn’t too busy. However I noticed the staff have built a certain rapport with repeat customers. Such as this woman with her nose turned up in the air, demanded the attention of one of the servers and pointed out that she had only asked for a bit of chili on her pizza, so please take a look at the pizza and tell her if that’s a bit or NOT. I didn’t like the woman’s attitude one bit and I applauded the server’s placating tone and offer to change the pizza for her.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    50″ pizza for the next SMAC. On?

    1. onz. you’re talking about ta-baoing for the next one or moving smac there? either way i’m sure bry will love you for it.

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        Dapao if the hosts permit!

  2. That creme brulee looks to die for!

    1. it tastes just as good too! very creamy and delicately flavoured, just the way I like my desserts!

  3. Crysta · · Reply

    The vongole pasta is v nice too. If bry not too fixated next time can try. Otherwise the egg and truffle pizza is damn good 🙂

    1. good tip! we’ll try both next time!

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