Happy 2nd Anniversary Surprise

We had just gotten back from dinner and as always the first thing I do after throwing my bag on the floor is to shower. I got my clothes and tiptoed to grab my towel hanging from the clothes hanger when I found a Coach paper bag hanging behind the towel.

Oops? I said outloud. I looked around myself. Bryan was looking at me expectantly. I didn’t know what to do. it was obvious that the bag was HIDING behind the towel. Bryan, as usual, didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to expect. So I said, uh sorry? Then I tiptoed and hung the towel back onto the hanger, carefully hiding the paper bag behind the towel.

Bryan gave me this look of exasperation. At his insistence, I took the towel down again and eyed the bag, asking if it were for me. He rolled his eyes and said no it’s for my mom. I was about to hang the towel back up again when he practically growled at me and I took the bag down too. I asked what was it for? (doesn’t this sound familiar???) and he announced HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

oh, no wonder he asked me just minutes before entering the house when our anniversary really is. no, we’re not quite sure of the date.

so presenting my present! a Coach wallet with hearts! it’s exactly the same shape and size as my current one (he was checking out my wallet to make sure he got what I liked).

the heart was the best part of the wallet!

the other reason he got it was coz it’s peenk!

he said it was my fault that I got the wallet coz I had refused to pick him up from Bishan just to send him home so he had to take public transport. dreading the trip back, he stopped at Raffles City and went shopping instead. He drifted past Kate Spade and waltzed into Coach instead and tada! wallet. If that’s the case, I should refuse to drive him around more often.

Let’s also hope he never desires to run for Parliament one day.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    Nice one! Happy anniversary you both 🙂

    1. THankS! that boy really cannot wait to give me presents. he bugged me to meet him right after he got the wallet but I was too tired to come out after reaching home from work. same with the ring. the day he collected it from Yilin, he gave it to me straight after. no planning, no nothing!

  2. Crysta · · Reply

    So sweet lah. Happy anniversary both!

    1. hehe thanks babe!

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