I Love Zi Char series: Two Chefs

Many friends have been to Two Chefs, a zi char place located in a rundown coffee shop tucked somewhere in Commonwealth. Based on all the good feedback we heard, we decided to bring Bryan’s mother there for Mothers’ Day dinner.

it wasn’t too hard to find on the map and there’s plenty of parking in the area. The place is really crowded on a Saturday night and there were about 10 groups before us in the line. However, the boss of the stall would sit you according to your group size. if you’re a small group of 4 or less, you stood in one corner while the bigger groups stood on the other side. once a table of your size is free, you get your table accordingly. We waited about 20 minutes, about enough time for us to decide what to eat.

Their famous butter pork. I was a tad bit disappointed as I was half expecting butter cream sauce instead of butter powder, which tasted more like milk powder than butter flakes. the pork is succulent and tasty and the taste of the brown marinade mixed well with the powder.

we wanted prawns so the boss suggested deep fried prawns served with mayo sauce. again slightly disappointing as I was expecting more. any flavour the prawn might have disappeared under the taste of fried batter and mayo.

3 egg vegetable. the vegetable was a little dry and tough. there was plenty of egg and bits of century egg floating around which Bryan’s mom said wasn’t solid enough (kinda disappeared into the soup). the salted egg was missing though. perhaps they forgot?

Steamed sea bass. the meat was a little bit tough but the sauce was sublimed. it reminded me of the steamed fish i ate at Crystal Jade Fine Dining years ago, where the sauce had a tinge of sweetness, which exhibits the chef’s skill in creating a sauce so tasty and subtle.

We asked for Yee Fu Mee but they gave us Yee Mee instead, which was a surprising find as they cooked it in the Malaysian Hokkien noodle style, with oodles of black sauce. the way i like it! of course it’s nothing compared to the real deal, but we get what we can eh?

Two Chefs is known for drunken cockles but we didn’t order that since I don’t eat cockles unfortunately. I’m not sure if I should give it another shot since it’s 2 dishes out of 5 that passed. but it’s really value for money and it’s above average zi char!

it was here that I discovered Bryan’s mom is very particular about her food. she was the one who pointed out the emptiness of the 3 egg vegetable and how the noodles pale in comparison to its Malaysian counterpart. I may soon have to bow to a new shi fu.


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  1. Tricia · · Reply

    I went there before, and thought the food was pretty blah myself.

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