Off the Beaten Track in Pai

Since we’re massively saving money for the house and the potential renovation and the maybe wedding, we decided we won’t be going anywhere this year *sadface* However Bryan did suggest going back to Pai this December and I was happy again.

I was categorizing this blog’s posts when I realised I had prepared these pictures some time back but never got round to publishing it. Here are set 3 of a series of Pai 2009 photos. Series 1 and series 2 are linked here.


about a few kilometres off the main town of Pai you have long stretches of road peppered with coffee places such as this. Very popular with Thais, they serve simple coffee, thai music and a view of the countryside.


Tourists from Bangkok


Postman Pai.


let sleeping dogs lie. next to this huge ass tiffin.


Further east along the hillside we found yet another cafe which served sweet iced teas and warm hospitality. They had a few huts that littered the area so we parked ourselves in one of them. While Bryan read his book, I laid in the hammock and wished the holiday would never end.


Resident cat who decided to join us.


the bandit and his princess.

IMG_3268.jpg picture by burbur

99 baht stories.


at night, we hung out at a reggae & blues bar. i’ve never had so much fun.


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