Beanie’s Ark

“look mommy! i built an ark!”

my mom called me a few nights ago. Apparently there was a huge thunderstorm, causing unexpected flash food in our neighbourhood. I had not closed the window in my bunny’s room properly and the rain got in. the floor was wet, there was water in the cage and her play towel was soaked through. my poor bunny was sitting on top of her play box outside her cage, the only dry spot in the room. She must have been playing outside when it happened and jumped on top of her box for safety, the same box i got for her to play hide and seek in. while my mom dried the floor and the floor of her cage, bunny looked on cautiously. it was only when my mom was done and told bunny so, that she hopped off her box right into the cage, and immediately went to her potty to poo poo.

while thoroughly amused by her resourcefulness of jumping on top of the box, something which she has never done before, I was a thousand kinds of guilt at the trauma I had put her through. she must have been shivering and scared while she waited for someone to rescue her, all the while holding her poop in. i felt SO BAD about it that when I got home, I hugged her and told her how sorry I was. she sniffed at me but graciously forgave me. I tell you, this is a sign that i’m not allowed to have children. I would probably be like the mother Jo Ann witnessed going into the lift and forgetting about her kid and leaving said kid outside of the lift. or leaving my children behind at the mall. my colleague confessed she did that once when she was shopping, almost walked out of the shop and left the stroller behind coz she was a first time mother and forgot she has a baby.

the other day I was fixing up her treats, she scrambled on top of her box again to see what I was doing. I guess now the box is going to be her new favourite perch.

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