Things people shouldn’t say

my penguin is  5 months pregnant and just found out that her 2nd child is going to be a girl. while she’s happy that she’s going to get another daughter to doll up like the first, she was rather pissed off by the passing remarks some people, even strangers, made regarding the child’s gender. they went along the lines of, “next time you should try harder for a boy.”

she was rather upset about such remarks. I would be too. it is upsetting that in this day and age, there are people who still consider daughters not as worthy as sons. that the gender of the child is more important than a healthy child with ten fingers and ten toes. it is unbelievable that people think it’s okay to say things like that. what were they expecting from the couple when they say something like that? and try harder for a boy? how? thrust faster?

this brings to mind the comment my colleague made the other day when he found out that Bryan and I are pretty much it. He asked what my age was, asked when was I planning to get married, and started counting the age I’d be if I were to have a child (he placed it at 35 years). then he said when i’m 45 years, my kid will only be 10 years old. when i’m 55, my kid will only be 20. he exclaimed that, “WHEN YOU ARE 55 YEARS OLD, YOUR CHILD WILL ONLY BE 20!!!”

I narrowed my eyes at him and asked him what his point was. Should I now turn back time so that I can get married and have a child earlier? should I have led my life with a mindset of finding a man early in life so that I can make babies, nevermind if he wasn’t a suitable companion? or perhaps since it’s too late for me now, I shouldn’t be having children?

He stalled my tirade and said he didn’t mean anything, he was just saying only. I frankly don’t see any point of saying things for sake of. it’s like being disagreeable for sake of. or farting coz you have an arse hole.



  1. hehehe, don’t even get me started on the whole gender of children issue.

    1. haha i hear you babe!

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