Chili Padi (Peranakan food)

Family dinner at Chili Padi, Peranakan restaurant at NUS. They are having a 3 dine 1 free buffet at $13.80 / pax (with UOB card). very worth it! The food is pretty good too! it’s a pain to get to coz it’s deep within NUS at 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, #06-21. but don’t be fooled, it’s actually on ground level but perhaps the building is built into a hill or something. we got lost looking for the restaurant so look out for a little sign along the road that says Chili Padi.

Kong Ba Pao

Nonya Laksa

Bryan’s plate of food. Beef rendang, assam fish, ayam buah keluah, sambal tauhu. sedap!

Mee siam. i didn’t like it coz it was sweet. I prefer the sour type.

Keropok with sambal.

Kueh pie tee

they had a pretty wide selection of starters (chee kweh, kueh pie tee and yam cake), kepitin bak wan soup, 5 mains, kong bak pao, laksa and mee siam, a spread of desserts and fruits like kueh kueh and watermelon. Bryan’s favourite was sago with liberal amounts of coconut milk and gula melaka. i think given a choice he would cover everything with gula.

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