The Walking Dead

I first came across The Walking Dead as a comic book, not that I’ve read it but as something Bryan always bought, read, and passed on to his ex-girlfriend. that practice has since stopped, thankfully, and I’ve never really shown any real interest in the comic until I learned about the TV series, which is based on the same comic series.

The series is set in a zombie apocalypse which follows a group of people struggling to survive. The main protagonist is Rick Grimes, a deputy who got shot during duty and ended up in a coma. he wakes up in the hospital and finds that everyone is either dead, gone or worse, a walking dead. he then sets off to find his wife and child, whom he believes are still alive. He comes across a group of survivors and they band together to survive the shuffling zombies.

Having spent many hours on the first person shooter Left 4 Dead (L4D), I’m dreadfully familiar with the science of zombies. typically in the world of zombies, there are 2 main genres; the shufflers and the runners. Most of us are familiar with the shufflers, they walk really slowly and pretty much stand around rather aimlessly. even when they spot you, they tend to move at a slow trot which allows most people to get away in time (unless they are coming at you in all directions). Half the body could be lying somewhere else while the other half is still struggling to crawl towards you with their entrails trailing behind them. The zombies in L4D and The Walking Dead fall in this category, which is a good thing or I’d be dead plenty more times and very frustrated with the game. The zombies in George Romero’s Living Dead series or 28 Days Later are the running sort. They are very fast and very scary. They come out of nowhere and they act like they are rabid. to quote someone on youtube, “It’s funny how zombies use to move like they have cramps … now it’s like they’re professional athletes”

The best way to get a zombie either a head shot or cleave its head off its body with an axe. my weapon of choice is the shot gun, which is why you occasionally find me spending my weekends at the local shooting range. Bryan prefers the bow and arrow coz it’s quieter. it is believed that whatever micro-organism or virus it is that wakes the dead up again controls only the basic functions of the human, and that’s found at the base of the brain. cut that off, and you stop the zombie.

Zombies are also attracted by loud noise, so perhaps Bryan’s weapon of choice is more sensible.

While most movies spend a lot of time and special effects showing the horrific side of zombies, The Walking Dead shows the human side of the survivors fighting the trauma of watching their love ones go over to the other side. One of the characters struggle to come to terms with the fact that his wife, although not dead, isn’t really alive anymore. Instead of just depicting the zombies as monsters to shoot at, The Walking Dead puts a name and story to each gaping face, each zombie was someone’s father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister or child . I think the series has managed to carefully weave this in between all the running and the screaming..

However my favourite zombie movie so far has gotta be Zombieland.



  1. I LOVE zombieland it was so funny

    1. i LOVE bill murray!

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