Sword & Sworcery

Sword & Sworcery is a very simple iPhone / iPad adventure-action game based on Apple’s touch screen technology. like an old school video game, you are an intrepid adventurer sent on a mission, whatever it is i haven’t really figured out yet.

A man with a cigar introduces you to the game and sends you on your mission without much of an explanation.

The graphics are complex yet simplistic. It’s like walking through 8-bit land. you manouever your way by tapping across the landscape, guided by your barking dog friend, and the odd game tips if you pause for too long.

The game is filled with a mix of tooting video game sounds and lush cinematic orchestra music, which the game prepares you for by testing the stereo sound of your system and suggesting that you put your headphones on, which I did. The music is pretty amazing. With very little dialogue, the game sometimes drops little text boxes which go from the mundane to the slightly sarcastic. The game also encourages you to tweet your adventures, of which purpose i haven’t figured out yet either.

Simplistic yet action-packed punching of the screen allows you to fight demons and shades along the way.

It can get quite pretty in here.

USD2.99 from the iTunes store.


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